A.A. Degree

The Associate of Arts (AA) degree provides students with a general liberal arts education that prepares them for transfer into a Bachelor's degree program at a four-year college or university. Students looking to transfer with guaranteed junior standing in a specific field of study should pursue an Associate of Arts degree with designation in the following areas: anthropology, art history, business, communication, criminal justice, economics, early childhood education, elementary education, English, French, geography, history, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, Spanish, and studio art.

In addition, we have Associate of Arts (AA) degrees designed to transfer into specific Bachelor's degree programs at specific four-year college/universities. These programs are American Sign Language & Deaf Studies, Hospitality Management, and Health Sciences.

While a student may tailor the general Associate of Arts (AA) degree to prepare for specific transfer options, all official documents and diplomas issued by the college will only indicate the awarding of an Associate of Arts degree without an indication of a more specific area of study unless the student completes the requirements for one of the areas of designation noted above.

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements

Written Communication

ENG 1021English Composition I: GT-CO1


ENG 1022English Composition II: GT-CO2


Total Credit Hours:6

Students may also complete ENG 1022 and a gtPathways approved CO3 course.

Oral Communication

Select one course (3 credits) from below:

COM 1150Public Speaking


COM 1250Interpersonal Communication: GT-SS3


COM 2300Intercultural Communication: GT-SS3


Total Credit Hours:3

Note:  Completing Communication courses is a Colorado Community College System requirement, not a gtPathways requirement.


Select one gtPathways Mathematics course (GT-MA1). Credits over 3 will be applied to electives.

Total Credit Hours:3-5

Arts and Humanities

Select two gtPathways Arts & Humanities courses from two different areas (GT-AH1, GT-AH2, GT-AH3, GT-AH4).

Total Credit Hours:6


Select one gtPathways History course (GT-HI1).

Total Credit Hours:3

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Select two gtPathways Social and Behavioral Sciences courses (GT-SS1, GT-SS2, or GT-SS3).

Total Credit Hours:6

Natural and Physical Sciences

Select two gtPathways Natural & Physical Sciences courses (GT-SC1, GT-SC2). One course must have a required laboratory (GT-SC1). Credits over 7 will be applied to electives.

Total Credit Hours:7-10

Student Choice

Select one additional course from the categories below:

- One gtPathways Arts & Humanities course (GT-AH1GT-AH2GT-AH3GT-AH4).

- One gtPathways History course (GT-HI1).

- One gtPathways Social and Behavioral Sciences course (GT-SS1GT-SS2, or GT-SS3).

Total Credit Hours:3


  • Select 18-23* credits from the Approved Electives List or log into eWOLF to see elective requirements in DegreeCheck.
  • Selection of elective credits should be done with a Front Range advisor and your intended transfer institution.

*The number of electives remaining will vary since these are determined by selection of Natural and Physical Science coursework between 7-10 credits and Mathematics coursework between 3-5 credits.

Total Credit Hours:18-23

Total Credit Hours: 60

  • No developmental courses may be applied to this degree.
  • Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (all grades "C" or better) to be eligible to graduate.
  • Submit Graduation Application, transfer credits, and Prior Learning Assessment Credit to the Registrar's Office by published deadline.
  • Students must complete at least 25% of their degree/certificate credit requirements at Front Range in order to earn their award from Front Range.
  • Continuing students without a 12 month lapse in enrollment are allowed to select a catalog published during their enrollment that best aligns with their completed coursework toward their intended program of study.