2024-2025 Catalog

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Each institution that receives Title IV funds is required by the U.S. Department of Education to define and enforce standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Satisfactory Academic Progress measures a student’s performance in the following three areas/criteria: completion rate, cumulative GPA, and maximum time frame. The Financial Aid Office is responsible for ensuring that the “Satisfactory Academic Progress” criteria are met. This is determined by routinely monitoring and making determinations for continued financial aid eligibility. To be eligible to receive financial aid (federal and/or state and at times institutional aid), the student must be making satisfactory progress toward an eligible degree and/or certificate, as identified in the quantitative (the completion rate of all attempted credit hours and the maximum time frame for program completion) and qualitative (the cumulative GPA) standards of the policy.

Academic progress may be reviewed at the time a financial aid application is received and will be reviewed at the end of each term. The maximum time frame allowed in which a student is expected to complete their eligible degree and/or certificate is within 150% of the number of credit hours required for the specific program. All attempted credit hours are considered with the maximum time frame allowed, which includes all transfer credits and courses taken at Front Range Community College as a high school student. The standard of satisfactory academic progress must include a student’s total academic history at Front Range Community College regardless of whether the student has previously received financial assistance. If a student does not meet the requirements, they become ineligible for financial aid and have the right to appeal an ineligible status. Appeal information is available on the Financial Aid website. For more information on Satisfactory Academic Progress, please review the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy or see your FRCC Financial Aid advisor.