2024-2025 Catalog

MAT 1230 Integrated Mathematics II: GT-MA1

Engages students in the concepts underlying elementary school mathematics. The course emphasizes critical thinking and applications. Topics include probability, statistics, measurement, Euclidean geometry, and algebraic methods. This is a statewide Guaranteed Transfer course in the GT-MA1 category.




College Readiness in Quantitative Literacy Math. MAT 0250 or MAT 0300 or appropriate placement scores


You may satisfy pre-requisite and/or co-requisite requirements listed for this course with appropriate placement. Please see an Advisor for more information.

MAT 1220 & MAT 1230 are intended for Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education Students. Students who take MAT 1220 & MAT 1230 and who later change to a major outside Early Childhood Teacher Education & Elementary Teacher Education may not receive the guaranteed completion of lower division general education at the receiving 4-yr institution.

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