2023-2024 Catalog

MAT 2562 Differential Equations with Linear Algebra

Select one Differential Equations course. Engineering Faculty recommend MAT 2562:

- Colorado School of Mines accepts MAT 2560 or MAT 2562 for their Differential Equations requirement.

-If you choose to take MAT 2561 or MAT 2562, it may put you over 60 credits. The courses will transfer but the extra credits may not. That is, the receiving institution may still require the completion of 60 credits for the major.




MAT 2560  Differential Equations  
MAT 2561 Diff Equ w/Engineering App   4
MAT 2562    Diff Eq/Linear Algebra    4
  Total   3-4

ONLY MAT 2562 is offered at FRCC.