2023-2024 Catalog

ELECTIVE AES in Civil Engineering Elective*

Select a minimum of 3 credits from the following. 




EGG 20201,2 Thermodynamics1,2 3
GEY 11111,2,3     Physical Geology1,2,3 
BIO 11111  General College Biology w/Lab1    
BIO 21211  Botany w/Lab1 
GEY 11351  Environmental Geology w/Lab1    
HLT 21401  Introductory Soil Science1
CSC 10192   Intro to Programming2  3  
   Total 3-5

1Students transferring to Colorado State University Fort Collins must complete English Composition II (ENG 1022) and 3 credits of Science/Technical Elective credit. These courses include Physical Geology (GEY 1111), Thermodynamics (EGG 2020), General College Biology w/Lab (BIO 1111), Botany w/Lab (BIO 2121), Environmental Geology w/Lab (GEY 1135), or Introductory Soil Science (HLT 2140).

2Students transferring to University of Colorado must complete a minimum of 3 credits of Civil 3D (CAD 2332), or 3 credits of Revit (CAD 2220), or 6 credits of AutoCAD (CAD 1101 and CAD 1102). They must also complete an additional 3 credits of an electives. These course include Physical Geology (GEY 1111), Thermodynamics (EGG 2020) or Intro to Programming (CSC 1019). 

3Physical Geology will count as free elective credit at CU Boulder.