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Catalog Usage

Which Catalog to Use?
This catalog is effective beginning Summer Semester 2021 for students enrolling at Front Range Community College for the first time. Continuing students who have not had a 12-month lapse in enrollment will be allowed to use the requirements listed in any catalog published while continuously attending the college. Students may not combine requirements from multiple catalogs in order to graduate.

Other Formats Available
This publication is available in alternate formats. Call 303-404-5000 for availability.

Where to Find Catalog Updates?
This catalog is true and accurate at the time of publication. Front Range Community College reserves the right to change provisions, requirements, and/or fees listed in this catalog.

Additions and changes may occur because of updates to state or federal law, CCCS policies or procedures, college regulations or accreditation requirements. Updates, changes and addenda to this catalog can be found in the Catalog Updates section of this catalog.

Nothing in this catalog is intended to create (nor shall be construed as creating) an expressed or implied contract. The College reserves the right to modify, change, delete, or add to, as it deems appropriate, the policies, procedures, and other general information in this catalog.