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Campus: Boulder County Campus

Manufacturing Fundamentals Certificate

My Academic Plan

Courses are displayed to show the fastest path to your certificate and should be completed in the order listed. If you are unable to complete all courses listed in a semester, complete as many courses in this sequence as your schedule allows. If you have questions or concerns about your MAP, please see your Pathways Advisor.

Program Description

This program is designed for students wanting to complete a one semester Certificate in Manufacturing Fundamentals and enter the workforce. It is the first in a series of three stackable certificates. Students prepare for entry-level positions as production operators/assemblers with courses in shop safety, print reading, basic hand tools and metrology, technical mathematics, and electrical fundamentals. Career paths with additional certificates include automation technician, robotics technician, industrial maintenance technician, process and instrumentation technician, or electro-mechanical technician. Crossover skills may qualify students for positions in electronics or aviation assembly positions.

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First Semester

Course NumberTitleCredits
MTE 105Safety Manufacturing Environment


MTE 106Print Reading for Manufacturing


MAC 101Introduction to Machine Shop


MATH MAT 108/121/122/125/166/201 or Higher


ELT 106Fundamentals of DC/AC


Total Credit Hours:14
Semester Note: ELT 206 is offered in fall semesters.

Total Credit Hours: 14

Important Program Notes: 

If you take MAT 108 or more credits in mathematics than are listed, it will increase the total credits for the certificateYou must complete 14 credits to earn your Manufacturing Fundamental Certificate. You should not exceed 15 creditsYou may want to check with your advisor to monitor your completion progress and select your electives.

Manufacturing Fundamentals Certificate cohort begins in the fall semester.