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Select one Horticulture courses from below. 


Course  Title   Credits
HLT 280   Internship   
HLT 287 Cooperative Education   
  Total Credits  3

Introduction to PC Applications
Introduction to PC Applications
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These courses are offered every semester. Faculty recommend students complete HLT 280/HLT 287 in their second or third semester as this assures the student has a skill and knowledge set that will allow the student to be successful in the work environment.

To enroll in one of these courses a student must present the college with a signed training agreement approved by a Program Director. Students should see their Campus’ HLT Program Director to obtain the training agreement and other course requirements before visiting potential cooperators. To assure completion of the course requirements for this course, the students should begin the process of enrolling in this course (talking to the program director and finding a cooperator) early in the enrollment period before the start of the semester during which the student will be taking the class (i.e., March-April for Summer semester, July for Fall semester, or November-December for Spring semester).

HLT 280 Internship is an unpaid, off-campus learning experience with a third party cooperator (business, municipality, or non-profit organization). HLT 287 Cooperative Education is a paid off-campus learning experience with a third party employer.