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ELECTIVE Clinical EMT Course

Select one course from below. 

Course  Title  Credits 
EMS 180 EMT Clinical Internship 2
EMS 138     Basic Simulation Lab 3
  OR Any course Below  
HPR 200 Advanced ECG Interpretations 2
HPR 101 Customer Service in Healthcare
HPR 119 Computers in Health Care 2
BIO 106 Basic A&P OR   4
BIO 201 Human A&P I w/Lab   4
BIO 202 Human A&P II w/Lab   4
  Total Credits    2-4




Take a minimum of 6 credits from the above list to fulfill degree requirements. If you plan to take the BIO 201/BIO 202 sequence, you will need to take an additional semester. BIO 201/BIO 202 cannot be taken in the same semester.