2023-2024 Catalog

Catalog Updates

This is the current FRCC Catalog Addendum.

Catalog Section Update PDF Page  Notes

Date Approved

New courses: TEL 1004 Teaching ESL Abroad/Adults in US; TEL 1088 TESL Teaching Practicum
Requested by Lead Faculty & Chair.
Courses  Course descriptions updated: ECE 1031, ECE 1111, ECE 2101, ECE 2381, ECE 2621, ECE 2641
Pg. 200-202
Requested by Lead Faculty & Chair. 
 Programs Change title: Peace Officers Standards & Training is now Law Enforcement certificate.
Pg. 114

Title updated to align with CCCS Common Standards Project.

 Courses New course: WEL 1090
Intro to CNC Plasma Table
Pg. 264
FRCC Curriculum Committee approval.  9.5.2023
 Programs Curriculum requirements and course sequencing updated for both TESOL/Abroad and TESOL/K-12 Certificates  Pg. 126  Requested by Lead Faculty & Chair. 9.7.2023 
 Courses New course MAN 3070 Operations Management was changed to MAN 3060
Pg. 234
Course number alignment with CCNS. 
 Programs  Landscape Contracting Technician Certificate will no longer be available to new students.
Pg. 108
 Requested by Lead Faculty. 
 Programs  Foundations of Paralegal: Family Law Certificate will no longer be available to new students.
 Pg. 122
Requested by Lead Faculty.  11.7.2023
 Programs Important Notes regarding Industry Competency Exams (ICE) being required for HVAC/R AAS degree and certificates have been removed. Pg. 85-87  Requested by Lead Faculty in alignment with ICE Exam Availability.  12.20.2023 
AS Degree. Add ENV 1010 (SC2) to the Math & Science Elective drop-down menu. Will be updated in Degree Check
 Pg. 127
Requested by Office of the Registrar.
 Courses CSC 2030: readjusted to: Prereq: CSC 1019 and  Prereq/Coreq: CSC 1060
Pg. 194
Requested by Office of the Registrar.   2.20.2024