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WST 240 Goddesses and Women in the Ancient World

Surveys gender socialization through a study of arts, literature, music, politics, religion, philosophy, laws, and social standards. The course introduces the history of ideas that have defined women's place in societies. Course examines goddesses, rituals, and ceremonies, and how the image of the Feminine Divine changed from matriarchal cultures through the establishment of patriarchal cultures. These topics will be viewed through diverse cultures, including European and non-European, from the Ancient World through the Middle Ages. This is a statewide Guaranteed Transfer course in the GT-SS3 category.



Contact Hours



Equivalent testing score (e.g., ENG 121 or higher,) or enrollment in or completion of CCR 092 or CCR 093 or CCR 094. The CCR course or ENG 121 may be taken concurrently with this course

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