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SCI 155 Integrated Science I with Lab

Examines the nature of energy and matter, their interactions and changes, and the application of fundamental concepts to the study of our natural world. These concepts will be explored in hands-on laboratory experiments. This course integrates the fundamental concepts and ideas about the nature of physics and chemistry with the natural world.




CCR 092 or CCR 093 or CCR 094 or ENG 121 or higher. The CCR course or ENG 121 may be taken with this course at the same time.

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SCI 155 and SCI 156 are intended for Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education Students ONLY. Students MUST pass BOTH SCI 155 & 156 with a C or higher to satisfy the gtPathways science requirement. Students looking to take these courses should do so understanding that these courses are only guaranteed transferable for students following the subsequent agreements: Early Childhood Teacher Education or Elementary Teacher Education and should seek advisement from the four-year college/university and Front Range Community College advisors before enrolling.