BC = Boulder County Campus
BR = Brighton

L = Larimer Campus

LV = Loveland

PR = Prospect

W = Westminster Campus

OL = Online

Not all degrees or certificates are available at all sites. Students should consult a schedule of classes to determine course offerings for each campus location.


Accounting (ACC) Certificates

- Accounting BC, L, W, OL

Architectural and Building Science (AEC) Certificate

- Architectural Drafting L, W

Automotive Technology (ASE) Certificates

- Automatic Transmission/Transaxle L, W
- Brakes L, W
- Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems L, W
- Engine Performance L, W
- Engine Repair L, W
- General Automotive Maintenance & Repair L, W
- Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning L, W
- Light Diesel Engine Repair L
- Manual Drivetrain and Axles L, W
- Suspension and Steering L, W

Business (BUS) Certificates

- Business Specialization BC, L, W, OL
Foundations of Business Principles   BC, BR, L, W, OL
- Foundations of Leadership & Management  BC, OL
- International Business Basics BC
- Logistics W
- Project Management BR, W
- Retail Management BC, BR, L, W, OL
Small Business Operations   BC, BR, L, W, OL
Small Business Ownership  BC, BR, L, W, OL

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CAD) Certificates

- Advanced Architectural Computer-Aided Drafting L, W
- Advanced Mechanical Computer-Aided Drafting L, W
- Advanced Civil Computer-Aided Drafting L, W
- Advanced 3D Printing and 3D Scanning L
- Animation and Visualization Computer-Aided Drafting L, W
- Basic Computer-Aided Drafting and Design L, W

Computer Information Systems (CIS) Certificates

- Applications Specialist BC, L, W, OL
- Database BC, L, W 
- Programming BC, L, W, OL
- Web Developer BC, L, W
Computer Networking, Cybersecurity and Cloud (CNG) Certificates  
- Cybersecurity L, W
- Cloud Computing & Virtualization L, W
- Microsoft Server Administration L
- Computer/Network Technician: A+/Network+ BC
- Linux Server Administration BC, L
- Network Technician L, W
- Network Infrastructure L
- Network Administration: CCNA W
- Networking Basics L, W
Construction Trades (CON) Certificates  
- Construction Essentials  L
- Construction Fundamentals
- Electrical Fundamentals   L
- Plumbing Fundamentals   L
Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Academy (LEA) & Public Safety (CRJ) Certificates  
- Peace Officers Standards and Training
- Fundamentals of Public Safety Dispatch  W
- Public Safety Dispatch   W
Dental Assisting (DEA) Certificate
- Dental Assisting L

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Certificates

Assistant Early Childhood Teacher BC, L, W, OL
- Early Childhood Education for Paraeducators BC, L, W, OL
- Foundations of Early Childhood Education BC, L, W, OL
Early Childhood Director BC, L, W, OL

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Certificates

- Emergency Medical Technician BC, L, PR, W
- Clinical EMT BC, L, PR, W

Forestry, Wildlife, and Natural Resources (AQT) (FST) (NRE) Certificates

- Environmental Education L
- Forestry L
- Natural Resources L
- Natural Resources Geographic Information Systems L
- Natural Resources Recreation L
- Wildland Fire L
- Wildlife L

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificates

- Foundations of Geographic Information Systems BC
- Geographic Information Systems BC

Health Information Technology (HIT) Certificates

- Medical Coding W

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVA) Certificates

- Residential Air Conditioning and Heating LV
- Light Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating LV
- Commercial Refrigeration LV
- HVAC/R Fundamentals LV

Horticulture and Landscape Technologies (HLT) Certificates

- Floral Design L
- Horticulture L, W
- Irrigation Technician L, W
- Landscape Contracting Technician L
Landscape Design
- Landscape Maintenance Technician L, W
- Nursery, Greenhouse and Garden Center Management L, W
- Turfgrass Management L
- Urban Agriculture Management L

Hospitality & Culinary Arts Management (HOS) Certificates

- Culinarian L
- Event Planning L
- Restaurant Management L
- Hotel Management L

Integrative Health Professions Certificates  
Aromatherapy OL
Integrative Health Professions L, LV, OL
Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching L, LV 
Massage Therapy LV
Reflexology L, LV
Yoga Teacher L, LV

Interior Design (IND) Certificates

Fundamentals in Interior Design, Drafting and Communications  L
- Kitchen & Bath Design L
Machining Technology (MAC) Certificates   
Precision Machining Technology   BC
Manual Machining  BC
CNC Machining  BC
Manufacturing and Energy Technology (ELT) (MTE) (ENY) EGT) Certificate
- Manufacturing and Energy Technology L
Massage Therapy (MST) Certificate
- Massage Therapy LV 
Medical Assisting (MAP) Certificates  
- Medical Assisting BC, PR, W 
Medical Office Technology (MOT) Certificates  
- Medical Billing Specialist BC
- Medical Office Specialist BC

Multimedia Technology (MGD) Certificates

- Fundamentals in Multimedia Technology BC, L, W 
- Digital Animation W
- Digital Imaging L
- Graphic Design Technician L
- Multimedia BC, W
- Graphic Design BC, W
- Video Production and Editing BC, W
- Web Design BC, W
Optics Technology Certificate  
- Optics Technology  BC
Nurse Aide (NUA) Certificate
- Nurse Aide LV, W 
Nursing (NUR) Certificate  
- Practical Nursing - Exit Option L, W
- Practical Nursing PR 

Paralegal Studies (PAR) Certificate

- Paralegal/Legal Assistant L, W, OL
Patient Care Technician (PCT) Certificates  
- Electrocardiogram L, LV, W
- Health Care Customer Service Basics BR, L, LV, W, OL
- Patient Care Technician LV, W
Pharmacy Technician (PHT) Certificate
- Pharmacy Technician W
Phlebotomy (HPR) Certificate
- Phlebotomy LV, W
Recording Arts Technology (MUS) Certificates  
- Foundations of Recording Arts Technology L, W
- Recording Arts Technology L, W

Teaching English as a Second Language (TEL) Certificates

- Teaching English as a Second Language/Abroad BC
- Teaching English as a Second Language/K-12 BC
Veterinary Technology (VET) Certificates  
- Basic Laboratory Animal Care L
- Veterinary Assistant L

Welding Technology (WEL) Certificates

- Comprehensive Welding L
- Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) BR, L
- Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) L
- Oxyacetylene Welding BR, L
- Creative Metalworking L
- Shielded Metal Arc Welding L
- Welding Fundamentals BR, L