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A.S. Degrees

The Associate of Science (AS) Degree provides students with both breadth and depth of knowledge in science and math that prepares them for transfer into a bachelor degree program at a four-year college or university. Students looking to transfer with guaranteed junior standing in a specific field of study should pursue an associate of science degree with designation. These areas are listed below. 

While a student may tailor the generic Associate of Science (AS) Degree to prepare for specific transfer options, all official documents and diplomas issued by the college will only indicate the awarding of an Associate of Science Degree without any indication of a more specific area of study unless the student completes the requirements for one of the Associate Degrees with Designation (DwD) noted below.

*Please note that the AS degree with designation in chemistry requires a student to complete a reverse transfer within 30 hours or 12 calendar months.  The student must transfer one gtPathways approved course in Arts and Humanities and in Social and Behavioral Sciences from the university back to FRCC to earn their AS degree with a Chemistry designation.