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Campus: Westminster Campus

Fundamentals of Public Safety Dispatch

Initial and ongoing training is an essential component of a 911 dispatcher’s career. And the most significant training often occurs within a 911 dispatcher certification program, either through the state, through a national association, or through a combination of the two.

While Colorado currently does not require certification to work as an emergency dispatcher, completing the Fundamentals of Public Safety Dispatch (PSD) certificate will assist students in understanding the foundations of the criminal justice system, policing, stress management, communication and various components of understanding human behavior.


Admission Requirements: Students must pass a general background check in order to be accepted in the program, be at least 18 years old prior completing the Fundamentals in Public Safety Dispatch (PSD) certificate, and have earned their high school diploma or GED.

Required Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits
CRJ 110Intro to Criminal Justice


CRJ 125Policing Systems


PSY 101General Psychology I


PSY 116Stress Management


Elective Courses

Select one course (3 credits) from below:

Course NumberTitleCredits
SOC 231Sociology of Deviant Behavior


PSY 226Social Psychology


Total Credit Hours:3

Total Credit Hours: 15