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Campus: Larimer Campus

Manufacturing & Energy Technology Certificate

My Academic Plans (MAPs) are designed by faculty and displayed in a semester format showing the fastest path to finishing your certificate or degree. While this is the ideal, you can take courses as your schedule permits. Contact an academic advisor regarding your scheduling needs.

In most cases, the courses you need are available on your selected campus. However, there may be times to complete courses online or travel to another FRCC campus. Location availability is indicated at the time of registration.

My Academic Plan

Program Description

What does a manufacturing/energy assembler/operator do?

A manufacturing assembler/operator operates electro-mechanical systems and devices used in the manufacturing or energy industries. Examples of such devices are: electric motors and associated controls; process monitors; industrial machines; electrical generators; pumps; and robotic systems.

This career is part of the Manufacturing cluster: Maintenance, Installation and Repair, Manufacturing Production, Production/Process Technology, and Quality Assurance pathways; and the Agriculture, Natural Resources & Energy cluster: Power, Structural & Technical Systems pathway.

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Career Opportunities

A person in this career path:

- Applies safety practices and maintains a safe work environment
- Displays effective work habits, such as attention to detail, teamwork, and accountability
- Operates and assembles products in a manufacturing environment
- Operates and assembles industrial control systems, including sensors, actuators, and automated systems
- Determines if electrical and electronic equipment is operating properly
- Operates fluid power systems (pneumatic and hydraulic)

Specialty and Similar Careers

Manufacturing Technician: Careers that are more detailed or close to this career, but require additional training beyond the certificate level:

- Industrial maintenance technician - Applies electro-mechanical skills in the installation, calibration, and repair of industrial equipment
- Process Technician - Design, control, operate and troubleshoot specialized processes that monitor and control pressure, temperature, flow rate, and other process variables in the manufacturing process. Typical industries include pharmaceutical, food processing, energy production, brewing, and semiconductor manufacturing
- Field Service Technician - Install, repair, and modify equipment at customer locations, rather than in a central manufacturing location
- Quality Assurance Technician - Review products, services, and manufacturing processes to ensure compliance with standards of quality
- Electrical/Electronic Technician - Design, develop, test, manufacture, install, and repair electrical and electronic equipment such as communication equipment, medical monitoring devices, navigational equipment, and computers. They may be employed in product evaluation and testing, using measuring and diagnostic devices to adjust, test, and repair equipment
- Utility Engineering Technician - Install and maintain power and communication distribution systems, including transformers, repeaters, wireless communications, and their controls

First Semester

Courses should be completed in the order listed below. If you are unable to complete the entire semester list, complete as many courses in this sequence as your schedule allows.

Course NumberTitleCredits
MTE 105Safety for Manufacturing Environments


MTE 106Print Reading for Manufacturing


MTE 130Metrology


PHY 105Conceptual Physics with Lab


MAT- GENMathematics:___________


Total Credit Hours:14-15

Second Semester

Courses should be completed in the order listed below. If you are unable to complete the entire semester list, complete as many courses in this sequence as your schedule allows. To enroll in IND 280, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or approval from the Program Director.

Course NumberTitleCredits
ELT 106Fundamentals of DC/AC


ENY 161Energy Industry Fundamentals


EGT 201Engineering Materials


COM- GENCommunication:___________


ENG- GENEnglish:___________


Total Credit Hours:17

Total Credit Hours: 31