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Student Involvement Opportunities

The Student Life Office provides several great opportunities for students to be involved on our campuses. Our programs, services, and facilities focus on creating opportunities for students to make connections, improve their well-being, build character, develop leadership skills, and elevate their learning experiences at FRCC. We know our students have great potential and we, in the Student Life Office, strive to help ignite that potential. For a list of our programs go to and click on your campus page, or visit the Student Life Office on your home campus.

One way you can increase your opportunities at FRCC is by joining one or more of the student clubs and organizations on campus. Getting involved is a wonderful way to strengthen your leadership and networking skills, meet other students, and share your common interests with fellow members. Whether your interests are academic, cultural, social, or beyond, we have a variety of groups on campus. If we don't have an organization for your interest, it's easy to start one! For a list of all current student organizations, as well as a guide for starting a new one, go to and click on your campus page, or visit the Student Life Office on your home campus.

One student organization we like to highlight for all students is the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA was created to represent and act as the official student voice for FRCC students. They strive to define, defend, and advocate for all student rights, responsibilities, and freedoms, and to promote the general welfare of the students. SGA plays a vital role in fostering community and providing a direct link between students, faculty, and administration. They are part of a statewide network dedicated to building better experiences for community college students. SGA members strengthen their organizational and personal skills and gain valuable experience that will apply to other roles they assume in their lives and careers. To get involved with SGA, contact the Student Life Office.