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Campus: Loveland and Westminster Campus

Phlebotomy Certificate

My Academic Plans (MAPs) are designed by faculty to better guide you in retention and completion. It is highly encouraged that you complete courses in the recommended order provided below in the notes section. You should work with an academic advisor to adjust your plan based on your scheduling needs.

My Academic Plan

Program Mission & Description

This certificate is designed to provide the student with entry-level skills required for employment as a phlebotomist. HPR 112 , HPR 179 and HPR 180 must be successfully completed with a "C" or better to enable students to sit for a national certifying exam. HPR 112 is a lecture and lab course. HPR 179 is a Phlebotomy seminar/lecture that is taken concurrently with HPR 180, which covers advanced skills and preparation for taking a national Phlebotomy certification exam. HPR 180 is a Phlebotomy clinical internship at a local laboratory. 

There are four agencies that recognize the Front Range Phlebotomy Program, students may choose which agency to sit for their certifying exam. American Society for Clinical Pathologist (ASCP); National Health Career Association (NHA); American Medical Technologist (AMT); and National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT). 

Students must be 18 years old to be eligible to attend the HPR 180 Clinical. Students are required to have immunizations to meet OSHA requirements, must have current BLS for healthcare certification, and must pass a background check and a 10-panel drug screen through an FRCC approved background check company prior to clinical placement.

Certificate in Phlebotomy

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First Semester

Courses should be completed in the order listed below. If you are unable to complete the entire semester list, complete as many courses in this sequence as your schedule allows.

Course NumberTitleCredits
HPR 112Phlebotomy


HPR 179Seminar: Phlebotomy


HPR 180Internship: Phlebotomy


Total Credit Hours:7

Total Credit Hours: 7