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Certificates by Campus Location

BC = Boulder County Campus
BR = Brighton

L = Larimer Campus

LV = Loveland

PR = Prospect

W = Westminster Campus

OL = Online

Not all degrees or certificates are available at all sites. Students should consult a schedule of classes to determine course offerings for each campus location.

Accounting (ACC) Certificates

- Accounting BC, L,W, OL
- Enrolled Agent L, W
- Intermediate Accounting BC, L, W

Architectural and Building Science (AEC) Certificate

- Architectural Drafting L, W

Automotive Technology (ASE) Certificates

- Automatic Transmission/Transaxle L, W
- Brakes L, W
- Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems L, W
- Engine Performance L, W
- Engine Repair L, W
- General Automotive Maintenance & Repair L, W
- Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning L, W
- Light Diesel Engine Repair L
- Manual Drivetrain and Axles L, W
- Suspension and Steering L, W

Business (BUS) Certificates

- Business Specialization BC, L, W, OL
- International Business Basics BC
- Logistics W
- Management Basics BC, L, W, OL
- Marketing Basics BC, L, W, OL
- Project Management BR, W
- Retail Management BC, BR, L, W, OL
- Small Business Management Basics BC, BR, L, W, OL

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CAD) Certificates

- Advanced Architectural Computer-Aided Drafting L, W
- Advanced Mechanical Computer-Aided Drafting L, W
- Advanced Civil Computer-Aided Drafting L, W
- Advanced 3D Printing and 3D Scanning L
- Animation and Visualization Computer-Aided Drafting L, W
- Basic Computer-Aided Drafting and Design L, W

Computer Information Systems (CIS) Certificates

- Applications Specialist BC, L, W, OL
- Database BC, L, W 
- Programming BC, L, W, OL
- Web Developer BC, L, W
Computer Networking, Cybersecurity and Cloud (CNG) Certificates  
- Cybersecurity L, W
- Cloud Computing & Virtualization L, W
- Microsoft Server Administration BC, L, W
- Computer Technician: Network+ BC, W
- Linux Server Administration BC, L
- Network Technician BC, L, W
- Network Infrastructure L, W
- Networking Basics BC, L, W
Criminal Justice & Public Safety (CRJ) Certificates
 Fundamentals of Public Safety Dispatch  W
 Public Safety Dispatch W
Dental Assisting (DEA) Certificate
- Dental Assisting L

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Certificates

- Early Childhood Director BC, L, W, OL
- Infant-Toddler Nursery Supervisor BC, L, W, OL
- Early Childhood Education for Paraeducators BC, L, W, OL
- Foundations of Early Childhood Education BC, L, W, OL

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Certificates

- Emergency Medical Technician BC, L, PR, W
- Clinical EMT BC, L, PR, W

Forestry, Wildlife, and Natural Resources (AQT) (FST) (NRE) Certificates

- Environmental Education L
- Forestry L
- Natural Resources L
- Natural Resources Geographic Information Systems L
- Natural Resources Recreation L
- Wildland Fire L
- Wildlife L

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificates

- Foundations of Geographic Information Systems BC
- Geographic Information Systems BC

Health Information Technology (HIT) Certificates

- Medical Coding W

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVA) Certificates

- Residential Air Conditioning and Heating LV
- Light Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating LV
- Commercial Refrigeration LV
- HVAC/R Fundamentals LV
Holistic Health (HHP) Certificates  
- Aromatherapy OL
- Holistic Health L, LV, OL
- Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching L, LV 
- Massage Therapy LV
- Reflexology L, LV
- Yoga Teacher L, LV

Horticulture and Landscape Technologies (HLT) Certificates

- Floral Design L
- Horticulture L, W
- Irrigation Contracting and Management L, W
- Irrigation Technician L, W
- Landscape Contracting Technician L, W
Landscape Design
 L, W
- Landscape Maintenance Technician L, W
- Nursery, Greenhouse and Garden Center Management L, W
- Turfgrass Management L, W
- Urban Agriculture Management L, W

Hospitality & Culinary Arts Management (HOS) Certificates

- Culinarian L
- Event Planning L
- Restaurant Management L
- Hotel Management L

Interior Design (IND) Certificates

- Kitchen & Bath Design L
- Fundamentals in Interior Design, Drafting and Communications L
Machining Technology (MAC) Certificates   
Precision Machining Technology   BC
Manual Machining  BC
CNC Machining  BC
Manufacturing and Energy Technology (ELT) (MTE) (ENY) EGT) Certificate
- Manufacturing and Energy Technology L
Massage Therapy (MST) Certificate
- Massage Therapy LV 
Medical Assisting (MAP) Certificates  
- Medical Assisting BC, PR, W 
Medical Office Technology (MOT) Certificates  
- Medical Billing Specialist BC
- Medical Office Specialist BC

Multimedia Technology (MGD) Certificates

- Fundamentals in Multimedia Technology BC, L, W 
- Digital Animation W
- Digital Imaging L
- Graphic Design Technician L
- Multimedia BC, W
- Graphic Design BC, W
- Video Production and Editing BC, W
- Web Design BC, W
Nurse Aide (NUA) Certificate
- Nurse Aide LV, W 
Nursing (NUR) Certificate  
- Practical Nursing - Exit Option L, W
Optics Technology (OTE) Certificate  BC

Paralegal Studies (PAR) Certificate

- Paralegal/Legal Assistant L, W, OL
Patient Care Technician (PCT) Certificates  
- Electrocardiogram L, LV, W
- Health Care Customer Service Basics BR, L, LV, W, OL
- Patient Care Technician LV, W
Pharmacy Technician (PHT) Certificate
- Pharmacy Technician W
Phlebotomy (HPR) Certificate
- Phlebotomy LV, W
Recording Arts Technology (MUS) Certificates  
- Foundations of Recording Arts Technology L, W
- Recording Arts Technology L, W

Teaching English as a Second Language (TEL) Certificates

- Teaching English as a Second Language/Abroad BC
- Teaching English as a Second Language/K-12 BC
Veterinary Technology (VET) Certificates  
- Basic Laboratory Animal Care L
- Veterinary Assistant L

Welding Technology (WEL) Certificates

- Comprehensive Welding L
- Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) BR, L
- Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) L
- Oxyacetylene Welding BR, L
- Pipe Code Welding L
- Creative Metalworking L
- Shielded Metal Arc Welding L
- Welding Fundamentals BR, L