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Veteran Administration Educational Benefits

A veteran or dependent of a veteran receiving VA educational benefits, or students currently enlisted in the military, MUST contact a member of the FRCC Veteran Services staff every semester and submit a VA certification request form before VA enrollment certification will occur. Students using VA educational benefits must adhere to VA guidelines in order for benefits to be certified. This includes immediately notifying FRCC Veteran Services staff of any class schedule changes. Audited courses, online developmental courses, and courses not applicable to a declared program of study cannot be approved for VA educational benefits.

Students using VA educational benefits must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) while attending FRCC. Please refer to the FRCC Academic Progress Policy. Academic progress is reported to the VA Educational Benefits Office every semester, and failure to successfully complete a course may result in repayment of VA benefits. An incomplete grade does not affect VA educational benefits unless the incomplete is changed to a grade that lowers the student's cumulative GPA. The Academic Progress Policy may then apply.

Use of VA educational benefits requires time for processing. Students are encouraged to call or email FRCC Veteran Services staff with questions regarding certification and Colorado residency requests early in the registration process every semester. The VA educational benefits office requires prior training and transcripts from previous colleges to be officially evaluated within two semesters. Failure to comply with transcript evaluation within stated timeframe will prevent VA enrollment certification. For more information on VA educational benefits, please check with your local VA office or go to

Student debt to the Department of Veteran Affairs or FRCC could result from student enrollment changes or changes in benefit eligibility. Any courses that are withdrawn from or dropped after the first day of class could result in a student debt to the VA for repayment of any funds associated with the dropped course. The dates of eligibility election, end of benefits and decreases in eligibility percentage while enrolled at FRCC may affect the funds received from the VA, resulting in student debt to FRCC.

Military Tuition Assistance is available for all branches of the military through the student’s military unit. Tuition assistance programs cover the cost of tuition only; any remaining balance for books and fees will be the responsibility of the student. Authorizations and/or vouchers are due by the payment deadline to avoid being dropped for non-payment. Tuition Assistance program eligibility and requirements vary, so please refer to your unit or the websites below for more information.

Air Force:


Army/Air National Guard:

Coast Guard, Marine, Navy: