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Tuition and Fee Payment

The cashier's office at each campus collects all payments for tuition and fees, and disburses student refunds. Each semester, the college sets a date by which payment must be received for course enrollments. This date is known as the payment deadline and can be found at Regardless of the payment method (financial aid-grants, scholarships or loans; Deferred Payment plan; third party payment; or payment in full by student, parent, or other), it is the student's responsibility to ensure that payment to cover all tuition and fees is made prior to the published deadline. For enrollments that take place after the published payment deadline, the student assumes financial responsibility for all associated tuition and fees. If payment is not received by the published deadline, the student risks being dropped from all courses for non-payment (or underpayment), and may only re-enroll if space is available in desired courses. Please note that changes to the student's schedule can result in an outstanding balance. Payment plans are available for full or partial balances, see Deferred Payment below. Even though FRCC intends to drop students who do not pay by the payment deadline, the college cannot guarantee that classes will be dropped for unpaid accounts. Students are responsible for dropping classes they do not intend to attend even if they do not pay on time. Payment options include:

  • Mail the payment (check or official employer/agency authorization only) to the Cashier's Office. Payment must be received by the deadline.
  • In person at the Larimer, Boulder County and Westminster Cashier's Offices by cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or official employer/agency authorization. Please note: only checks or money order payments are accepted at Brighton Center.
  • Online by accessing your student account through eWOLF with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
  • Sign up for a Payment Plan in eWOLF.
  • Financial Aid offered loans must be accepted in the Student Dashboard on eWOLF, with all additional requirements completed. Any amount not covered by Financial Aid awards will be the student's responsibility and is due by payment deadline or based on the deferred payment plan set with the College.