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State Guaranteed General Education Transfer Courses

Courses with an * have been identified by the Colorado Department of Higher Education as being the State Guaranteed General Education courses.

AH - Arts and Humanities

In addition, guaranteed transfer courses are identified by the designations in the chart below.

AH1 - Arts and Expression

AH2 - Literature and Humanities

AH3 - Ways of Thinking

AH4 - Foreign Languages

CO - Communication

CO1 - Introductory Writing Course

CO2 - Intermediate Writing Course

HI - History

No subcategories

MA - Mathematics

No subcategories

SC - Natural and Physical Sciences

SC1 - Science with Laboratory

SC2 - Science without Laboratory

SS - Social and Behavioral Sciences

SS1 - Economic and Political Systems

SS2 - Geography

SS3 - Human Behavior, Cultural, or Social Frameworks