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Campus: Boulder County Campus, Larimer Campus, Westminster Campus, and Online Learning

History - A.A.

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements

Written Communication

Course NumberTitleCredits
ENG 121English Composition I


ENG 122English Composition II


Total Credit Hours:6

*Students may complete ENG 122 and a gtPathways approved CO3 course to fulfill the required six (6) credits of written communication required; GT-CO3 courses include HIS 265.


Select one gtPathways Mathematics course (GT-MA1), prefer MAT 120: Mathematics for the Liberal Arts.

Total Credit Hours:3

- Credits over 3 will be applied to the electives section.

Arts and Humanities

Select three gtPathways Arts & Humanities courses (GT-AH1, GT-AH2, GT-AH3, GT-AH4)

Total Credit Hours:9


Course NumberTitleCredits
HIS 101Western Civilization: Antiquity-1650



HIS 111The World: Antiquity-1500


Total Credit Hours:3
*Students planning to transfer to University of Colorado Boulder must take either HIS 101 or HIS 102 to fulfill this requirement.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Select two gtPathways Social and Behavioral Sciences courses (GT-SS1, GT-SS2, or GT-SS3)

Total Credit Hours:6

Natural and Physical Sciences

Select two gtPathways Natural & Physical Sciences courses (GT-SC1GT-SC2); one course must be with required laboratory GT-SC1).

Total Credit Hours:7

- Credits over 7 will be applied to the electives section.

Additional Required Courses

Select one communication course and one history course from those listed below:

Course NumberTitleCredits
COM 115Public Speaking



COM 125Interpersonal Communication



HIS 102Western Civilization: 1650-Present



HIS 112The World: 1500-Present



HIS 121U.S. History to Reconstruction


HIS 122U.S. History Since the Civil War


Total Credit Hours:12

*Students planning to transfer to University of Colorado Boulder must take either HIS 101 or HIS 102 to fulfill this requirement.

Students must take both HIS 121 and HIS 122.

Additional required gtPathway courses

Select one gtPathways History course in (GT-HI1).

Total Credit Hours:3


  • Select 11 credits from the approved list of electives or log into eWOLF to see elective requirements in DegreeCheck.
  • Selection of elective credits should be done with a Front Range advisor and your intended transfer institution.
Total Credit Hours:11

* Students planning to transfer to CSU-Ft. Collins are advised to complete at least two semesters of one college-level foreign language.

Participating Colorado Public Four-Year Institutions of Higher Education

  • Adams State University* [B.A. History, Anthropology, & Political Science: History]
  • Colorado Mesa University* [B.A. History; History or Secondary Education concentrations]
  • Colorado State University-Ft Collins [B.A. History; General History concentration]
  • Colorado State University-Pueblo [B.A. History; General emphasis; B.S. History; General emphasis]
  • Fort Lewis College [B.A. History; United States Option]
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver [B.A. History]
  • University of Colorado Boulder [B.A. History]
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs [B.A. History]
  • University of Colorado Denver [B.A. History]
  • University of Northern Colorado [B.A. History; Liberal Arts emphasis]
  • Western State Colorado University [B.A. History]

The receiving institutions listed above in this agreement will accept all applicable credits earned within ten years of transfer to the receiving institution. Credits earned more than ten years earlier will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Please view the official agreement here.

*Adams State University and Colorado Mesa University also offer two-year degrees; they are participating in this agreement as both two-year and four-year degree-granting institutions.

Total Credit Hours: 60