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Student Learning Outcomes

FRCC's Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) are five basic skills we believe students should possess in order to succeed in their jobs, further education, and life. The five SLOs are:

  • Critical Thinking: Students interpret, analyze, evaluate, and infer from their own thinking and that of others in order to form well-reasoned and informed conclusions.
  • Effective Communication: Students construct clear written and spoken messages demonstrating understanding of audience and context, including response to verbal and nonverbal feedback.
  • Information and Technology Literacy: Students reflectively locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, and apply information across multiple forms of media to a defined question or problem.
  • Professionalism: Students demonstrate appropriate work-ethic traits through personal conduct and effective teamwork.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Students calculate, represent, interpret, analyze, apply, evaluate, and communicate numerical information.