Student Activities, Clubs, and Organizations

College isn't all about attending classes. It's about making friends, discovering yourself, and exploring your interests - all while learning to balance school and life. FRCC Student Life provides a variety of fun and challenging activities that enhance personal growth and well-being. Students have many opportunities to get involved with their peers in a positive, comfortable, and safe environment. For a listing of upcoming campus activities, go to and click on your campus page, or visit the Student Life Office on your home campus.

Make the most of your time at Front Range Community College by joining one or more student organizations or clubs. Any student enrolled at FRCC is free to join any officially recognized student organization, although some groups require a minimum GPA. Campus organizations or clubs promote common interests and leadership development. For a listing of current and active student organizations, or for information on how to start your own organization, go to and click on your campus page, or visit the Student Life Office on your home campus.

The Student Government Association is a forum for all students to impact their college environment. Members of the Student Government Association address issues relating to student rights and FRCC policies and procedures, and they are part of a statewide network dedicated to building better student experiences. SGA members strengthen their organizational and personal skills and gain valuable experience that will apply to other roles they assume in their lives and careers. Elections for Student Government positions occur during the spring and fall semesters. To get involved with SGA, contact the Student Life Office.