Associate Degrees

Associate of Arts

Areas of Designation:

Anthropology BC, L, W, OL
Art History BC, L, W, OL
Business BC, L, W, OL
Communication BC, L, W, OL
Criminal Justice BC, L, W, OL
Early Childhood Teacher Education BC, L, W, OL
Economics BC, L, W, OL
Elementary Teacher Education BC, L, W
English BC, L, W, OL
French BC, L, W, OL
Geography BC, L, W, OL
History BC, L, W, OL
Music BC, L, W, OL
Philosophy BC, L, W, OL
Political Science BC, L, W, OL
Psychology BC, L, W, OL
Sociology BC, L, W, OL
Spanish BC, L, W, OL
Studio Art BC, L, W, OL
Theater BC, L, W, OL

Other Transfer Agreements

The following transfer agreements have different requirements and guarantees from the agreements listed above. Please check with the university you wish to transfer into to ensure you are registering for the appropriate courses. 
Pre-Engineering BC, L, W,OL

Associate of General Studies

No Specified Area of Emphasis BC, L, W

Associate of Science Areas of Designation:

Biology BC, L, W, OL
Chemistry BC, L, W, OL
Geology BC, L, W, OL
Horticulture Business Management BC, L, W, OL
Mathematics BC, L, W, OL
Physics BC, L, W, OL
Psychology BC, L, W, OL

Associate of Applied Science

Accounting (ACC) BC, L, W, OL
Applied Technology (Technical College/AVS - Transfer Agreement) BC, L, W, OL
Architectural and Building Science (AEC) L
Automotive Technology (ASE) L, W
Business (BUS)
Business BC, L, W, OL
Business Logistics W
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CAD) L, W
Computer Information Systems (CIS)
- Computer Information Systems BC, L, W, OL
- Database Administration BC, L, W
- Programming BC, L, W, OL
- Web Developer BC, L, W
Computer Networking, Cybersecurity and Cloud (CNG)
- Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing L, W
- Network Technologies BC, L, W
Early Childhood Education (ECE) BC, L, W
Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources (AQT) (NRE) (FSW)
- Natural Resources L
- Forestry Technology L
- Wildlife Technology L
Health Information Technology (HIT) W
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVA) LV
Holistic Health (HHP) L, LV,OL
Horticulture and Landscape Technologies (HLT) L, W
Hospitality and Culinary Arts Management (HOS) (CUA)
- Culinarian L
- Events Planning L
- Hotel Management L
- Restaurant Management L
Interior Design (IND) L
Interpreter Preparation (IPP) W
Manufacturing and Energy Technology  (MTE) (ELT) (ENY) (EGT) (PPT) L
Medical Office Technology (MOT)
- Billing Specialist BC
- Medical Administrative Assisting BC
- Medical Assisting BC
Multimedia Technology (MGD)
- Digital Animation BC, W
- Graphic Design BC, W
- Video Production and Editing BC, W
- Web Design BC, W
Nursing (NUR) L, W
Paralegal Studies (PAR) L, W
Surgical Technology (STE)   W
Veterinary Technology (VET) L
Welding Technology (WEL) L