Campus: Larimer Campus and Loveland

Holistic Health

This short-term overview certificate program is designed to supplement an existing health professional’s practice with knowledge of emerging integrative therapies and the overall concepts of holism and health prevention. Therefore, nurses, physical/occupational therapists, massage therapists and others with existing medical, integrative health or wellness-promotion backgrounds are invited to complete this certificate for professional development and/or continuing education credits. Those hoping to enter the field of Holistic/Integrative Health are encouraged to instead look into one or more of the FRCC specific modality certificates and/or to complete the full Holistic Health Associate of Applied Science degree.

All courses in this certificate must be completed with a "C" or better to graduate.


Assessment testing is required for all students. Students who place into CCR 093 or above and MAT 050 or above may begin this program of study. Students scoring below this level should consult with a Faculty Member before registering for courses in this program of study.

Required Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits
HHP 120Introduction to Integrative Health


HHP 240Holistic Nutrition: Digestive Healing



HHP 252Holistic Health Keystone



HHP 262Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI): Exploring the Mind-Body Connection



HHP 261Ethics in Holistic Therapies


HHP 263Creating a Holistic Business Practice


HHP 269Healing Presence


Total Credit Hours:13


Select 2 additional credits from the following prefixes HHP, HWE, or MST in consultation with a Faculty Advisor in the Holistic Health Program.

Total Credit Hours:2

*Pending the online design completion of HHP 120 & HHP 261, this certificate may be available for completion exclusively online. Please check with the Program Director for online availability details.

Total Credit Hours: 15