Code: F_AAS_APT1

Campus: Boulder County Campus, Larimer Campus, and Westminster Campus

Applied Technology - Associate of Applied Science Degree

Students desiring to complete the AAS degree in Applied Technology may complete the technical coursework contained in a state-approved certificate career and technical education program at one of the Area Vocational Technical Colleges/AVS: Delta-Montrose Technical College, Emily Griffith Technical College and Pickens Technical College.

The general education and other degree requirements are completed at one of the Colorado public community/junior colleges. The AAS degree is conferred by the community college at which the general education and other degree requirements have been completed.

The approved certificate career and technical education programs at the technical colleges prepare students with technical, applied academic, and employability skills. Credit in varying amounts from these certificate programs is applicable to the community college’s AAS degree in Applied Technology.

Individual coursework from the technical college is credited to the student’s transcript upon completion of the requirements of both institutions. Students may enroll concurrently at both a technical college and a community college. Students must comply with the regulations and requirements relating to admission and attendance at each institution.


Minimum requirements for the AAS degree in Applied Technology include the completion of:

  1. Minimum of 60 semester credits of coursework.
  2. All courses in both the degree and certificates must be completed with a “C” or better to graduate.
  3. Fifteen (15) semester credits of general education courses.
  4. Forty-five (45) semester credits from an individual state approved program at one of the technical colleges. If the technical college program certificate is less than 45 semester credits, the program certificate credits plus elective credit hours from the community college are used for the total of at least 45 semester credits.
  5. Minimum of 15 semester credits earned at the community college.

Required Technical College Courses

Total Credit Hours:45


Course NumberTitleCredits
MAT 107Career Mathematics


or higher

Total Credit Hours:3

Additional Required Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits


Arts and Humanities


Natural and Physical Sciences


Social and Behavioral Sciences


Total Credit Hours:12

The additional required courses above must be selected from the Approved General Education Electives List for the AAS degree.

Total Credit Hours: 60

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