CHE 111 General College Chemistry I with Lab

Focuses on basic chemistry and measurement, matter, chemical formulas, reactions and equations, stoichiometry and thermochemistry. This course covers the development of atomic theory culminating in the use of quantum numbers to determine electron configurations of atoms, and the relationship of electron configuration to chemical bond theory and molecular orbital theory. The course includes gases, liquids, and solids and problem-solving skills are emphasized through laboratory experiments.



Contact Hours

105 Contact Hours (60 lecture hours, 45 lab hours)


CHE 101 or equivalent within the last 7 years. Equivalent testing score (e.g., ENG 121 or higher,) or enrollment in or completion of CCR 092 or CCR 093 or CCR 094. The CCR course or ENG 121 may be taken concurrently with this course.


MAT 121 unless this class has already been taken.

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