FRCC Guaranteed Completion of A.A. / A.S. in Two Years

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) colleges have adopted a set of guidelines to define the conditions for students who expect to graduate with an Associate of Science or Associate of Arts Degree in two calendar years. The Academic Advising Center at each individual CCCS community college can provide additional information.

The Colorado Community College System colleges guarantee that a student will be able to complete all course work necessary to earn an A.A. or A.S. degree from a specific CCCS college in 60 credit hours and in 24 months.

Students must satisfy all the conditions below to be eligible for this guarantee:

  1. Enroll at the same community college for at least four consecutive semesters, excluding summer.
  2. Register within one week of the beginning of registration for each semester.
  3. Have completed all required developmental coursework before beginning the count of two years to degree completion.
  4. Enroll in and pass (“C” or better in each course) an average of 15 credit hours of coursework that applies to the A.A. /A.S. in each of four consecutive semesters.
  5. Obtain a recommended plan of study for the A.A. or A.S. degree, signed by the student and community college advisor, prior to registration for the second semester and according to the requirements of the degree.
  6. Follow the signed plan of study.
  7. Continue with the same degree (A.A. or A.S.) from entrance to graduation.
  8. Retain documentation demonstrating that all the above requirements were satisfied (transcripts, advising records, etc.) and file a Graduation Application.