Approved General Elective List for Associate of Arts and Science Degrees

Elective credit for the Associate of Arts and Science degrees must be completed from the following list of approved prefixes and courses. While some of the following courses may be considered generally transferrable, a student’s major at a four-year college or university may limit what credit will be accepted and applied toward degree requirements at that institution. Selection of elective credits and course sequencing should be done in consultation with an advisor and the four-year institution to which you intend to transfer.

gtPathway Courses: 

GT All Guaranteed Transfer Courses

General Electives List by Discipline:

ACC ACC 101, ACC 121, ACC 122
AIR All AIRcourses in this catalog
ANT All ANT courses in this catalog
ARA All ARA courses in this catalog
ARM All ARM courses in this catalog
ART All ART courses in this catalog
ASL ASL 121, ASL 122, ASL 123, ASL 221, ASL 222
AST All AST courses in this catalog
BIO BIO 105, BIO 106, BIO 111, BIO 112, BIO 115, BIO 201, BIO 202, BIO 204, BIO 208, BIO 216, BIO 221, BIO 222
BUS BUS 115, BUS 203, BUS 216, BUS 217, BUS 226
CHE All CHE courses in this catalog
CHI All CHI courses in this catalog
CIS CIS 115, CIS 118
COM All COM courses in this catalog
CRJ CRJ 110, CRJ 125, CRJ 127, CRJ 135, CRJ 145, CRJ 205, CRJ 209, CRJ 230, CRJ 235, CRJ 236, CRJ 257
CSC CSC 119 and higher
DAN All DAN courses in this catalog*
ECO All ECO courses in this catalog
ENG ENG 121 and higher
ETH All ETH courses in this catalog
FRE All FRE courses in this catalog
GEO All GEO courses in this catalog
GER All GER courses in this catalog
GEY All GEY courses in this catalog
HIS All HIS courses in this catalog
HUM All HUM courses in this catalog
HWE HWE 100, HWE 103, HWE 110, HWE 124
ITA All ITA courses in this catalog
JOU All JOU courses in this catalog
JPN All JPN courses in this catalog
LIT All LIT courses in this catalog
MAR MAR 216, MAR 220
MAT MAT 120 and higher
MET All MET courses in this catalog
MGD MGD 133, MGD 221, MGD 222, MGD 233
MUS All MUS courses in this catalog
OUT All OUT courses in this catalog*
PED All PED courses in this catalog*
PHI All PHI courses in this catalog
PHY All PHY courses in this catalog
POS All POS courses in this catalog
PSY All PSY courses in this catalog
RUS All RUS courses in this catalog
SCI** All SCI courses in this catalog
SOC All SOC courses in this catalog
SPA All SPA courses in this catalog
THE All THE courses in this catalog
WST All WST courses in this catalog

Notes: This list applies only to courses shown in the FRCC catalog, and to transfer credit which is equivalent to FRCC Catalog courses. Transfer courses which are identified with “999” course numbers (with the exception of Career Technical Electives) are also approved as elective credit.

*Max of 3 credits PED, OUT, and DAN permitted for degree in addition to DAN 125 (Arts & Humanities)

**SCI 155 and SCI 156 are intended for Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education Students ONLY. Students MUST pass BOTH SCI 155 & SCI 156 with a "C" or better to satisfy the gtPathways science requirement. Students looking to take these courses should do so understanding that these courses are only guaranteed transferable for students following the subsequent agreements: Early Childhood Teacher Education or Elementary Teacher Education and should seek advisement from the four-year college/university and Front Range Community College advisors before enrolling.