Repeated Courses

All FRCC courses may be repeated. Limits apply (see below). Courses transferred from other institutions do not apply to this policy. Each registration for the course and each grade received will be listed on the transcript. On the transcript a notation will follow the course indicating that the course was repeated and designating whether the course will be included or excluded from the GPA. The highest grade will be used in the GPA calculation. In the event that the same grade is earned two or more times for a repeated course, the most recent instance of the duplicate grade will be included in the term and cumulative GPA. All other duplicate grades will be excluded from the term and cumulative GPA. For students classified as Resident for tuition purposes, all credit hours earned for initial and repeated courses will be deducted from the student’s COF stipend eligible hours. Repeating a course may impact the student's financial aid eligibility.

Repeated courses may be applied only one time to a certificate or degree, except for variable credit courses that may have up to 6 credits of the same course applied.

For Developmental Courses Only:

The grading system for developmental courses changed beginning Fall 2006, and developmental grades are no longer included in the cumulative GPA calculation. However, if either the initial course or the repeated course (or both) were taken prior to 2006, then the student must complete a repeat course petition form for the developmental coursework and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.