Procedures for Transfer Credit Appeal at the College Level:

Appeal and Secondary Decision

  1. Students with questions or concerns about their transcript evaluations should contact the Transcript Evaluator who provided the evaluation. If the question or concern cannot be resolved between the student and Transcript Evaluator, the student may formally appeal in writing to the Associate Registrar within 15 calendar days of the date of the evaluation.
  2. The decisions regarding course transferability and/or placement made in the initial transcript evaluation will be binding if the student fails to file a written appeal within 15 calendar days.
  3. The appointed college official will have 15 calendar days to review the student’s appeal and inform the student in writing of the decision on the appeal including the rationale for that decision. In addition, the student shall be informed in writing of the process for appealing this decision.
  4. The student is informed by the appointed official of the remaining appeal options. Failure to inform the student will result in the decision being considered null and void. The student’s request will prevail and cannot be overturned by the college.

Appeal beyond Secondary Decision

The secondary decision may be appealed by filing a written appeal with the Chief Academic Officer of the college within 15 calendar days of the postmark date of the letter notifying the student of the appointed official’s decision. If the student fails to file an appeal within this time period, the original or initial decision shall be binding.

The college will hear and reach a decision on the appeal within 15 calendar days after the appeal is filed.

The student will be notified in writing by the college of its decision regarding the transfer appeal and the rationale for the decision.