Policies and Procedures

To be eligible for PLA credit, a student must be enrolled in a program of study with a declared major.

For all prior learning methods, the course number, course title, number of semester hours, and grade of "PLA" will be posted on the student transcript.

The maximum PLA credit applicable toward graduation is up to the residency requirement of the college from any combination of all PLA methods.

Awarded credit may be applied to meet Guaranteed Transfer (GT) courses. The use of these credits will result in public four-year institutions' reevaluation of scores received on National Standardized Exams.

If PLA is applied to the AA, AS, or AGS-Articulated degree requirements, transferability and transfer guarantees may be affected. Consult your advisor and the receiving institution for details.

All documentation and files regarding a student's prior learning credit will be maintained by FRCC.

A student wishing to appeal a prior learning assessment credit decision should follow the transfer credit appeal process outlined in this catalog.

Prior experience shall be evaluated only if requested by the student.