I - Incomplete Grade:

The “Incomplete” grade is a temporary grade and is designed for students who, because of documented illness or circumstances beyond their control, are unable to complete their coursework within the semester, but have completed at least 75% of all course assignments and tests in a satisfactory manner with a grade of “C” or better.

If circumstances beyond the student’s control prevent the student from completing a test or assignment at the end of the term, it is the student’s responsibility to initiate the request for an “Incomplete” grade from the instructor. The instructor determines whether the student has a reasonable chance of satisfactorily completing the remaining course activities in a timely manner.

The instructor will complete and sign an “Incomplete Grade Contract” and will submit it to the Office of the Registrar with final grades for the semester. The Office of the Registrar will send a copy of the “Incomplete Grade Contract” to the student. The incomplete grade will be assigned on the class roster at the time of the submission of grades.

Students are encouraged to inform instructors, as soon as possible, if they are having difficulties with any part of the course. In the event that a student and instructor cannot reach resolution concerning an Incomplete, then the student should contact the Dean of Instruction at their campus.

Military personnel and emergency management officials who are required to go TDY in the middle of a semester should contact their instructor for special consideration. Documentation of official TDY assignment is required. Other options are available depending on the time frame. Please see your Campus Veteran Services Advisor to determine which option is best for you.

Incomplete grades which are not converted to a letter grade by the instructor after one subsequent semester (not including summer semester) will revert to the default grade specified in the Incomplete Grade Contract.