Academic Appeal Procedures

1. Statement of Purpose

To secure equitable solutions to problems of an academic nature that affect a student's academic progress.

2. Basis for an Academic Appeal

An academic appeal may be initiated in the following areas:

  • Denial of program completion/graduation
  • Academic dismissal from a program
  • Final grades

Note: Appeals/grievances of a non-academic nature are handled by the Dean of Student Services in accordance with the current student grievance procedure.

3. Procedure

  1. Informal Appeal - This process must be used first. The student and instructor should attempt to resolve the problem on an informal basis whenever possible. If this fails, the student may meet with the instructor and the department chair to resolve the issue. If the issue is not resolved in the informal process, the student may initiate the formal appeal process.
  2. Formal Appeal - A formal appeal must be initiated according to the procedures and timelines listed below:
    • Final grade appeals must be initiated by the student within thirty calendar days of the awarding of the grade.
    • Denial of program completion/graduation or academic dismissal appeals from any program must be initiated within ten calendar days following the notification to the student.
    • The student may initiate a formal appeal by submitting a written statement to the Dean of Instruction describing the exact nature of the complaint and the remedy the student is seeking. Appeals may be submitted outside the timelines indicated above only if documented extenuating circumstances exist. These circumstances must be fully explained in the written appeal request and accompanied by the supportive documentation. Acceptance of late appeals will be at the discretion of the Instructional Dean.
    • The Dean of Instruction will convene an administrative hearing.
    • Participants in the administrative hearing will include the student, the instructor, and the Dean of Instruction. If the instructor is unavailable, the department chair will represent the instructor.
    • The student and the instructor may submit written statements by other individuals having information regarding the complaint.
    • After the hearing, the Dean of Instruction will review all oral and written statements and reach a decision. Both student and instructor will receive written notification of the decision within ten calendar days after the hearing.

Petition for Review of Due Process: After the appeals decision by the Dean of Instruction, the student may submit a written request to the campus Vice President for a process review of the appeals proceedings. The Petition for Review must be submitted within ten calendar days of the written notification of the initial decision. Failure to meet the ten-day deadline for a written request for review will result in the initial decision made by the Dean of Instruction being final and not subject to additional review. All decisions of the Vice President are final.