Environmental Education Certificate

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Program Description

This program is designed for students wanting to complete a one semester Certificate in Environmental Education and enter the workforce. Students explore forest science principles and wildlife and fisheries management. This certificate program introduces students to the history, legislation, principles, and goals of environmental literacy and education. This program prepares students for entry-level careers in parks, recreation, forestry, or nature education settings.

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First Semester

NRE 2025Environmental Education


ELECTIVE Foundations of Forestry (NRE 1100) or Wildlife & Fisheries Mgmt Principles (NRE 2205)


ELECTIVE Any Environmental Education Certificate Elective*


Total Credit Hours:9
Semester Note: NRE 2025 offered only in Spring at Larimer Campus.

Total Credit Hours: 9

Important Program Note:

*Environmental Education Certificate Elective: You may select courses from the following: Any AQT course, BIO 1005, BIO 1111, BIO 1112, BIO 2121, BIO 2122, CHE 1011, CHE 1111, CHE 1112, CHE 2105, ENV 1111, FSW 1000, FSW 1001, FSW 1033, FSW 1043, GEY 1111, GIS 2010, GIS 2012, HLT 1101, HLT 2011, HLT 2140, OUT 1250, OUT 1255, OUT 1260, REC 2010, REC 2011, REC 2012, or any NRE course.