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Campus: Boulder County Campus, Brighton Center, Larimer Campus, Westminster Campus, and Online Learning

Public Safety Dispatch Certificate

My Academic Plan

Courses are displayed to show the fastest path to your certificate and should be completed in the order listed. If you are unable to complete all courses listed in a semester, complete as many courses in this sequence as your schedule allows. If you have questions or concerns about your MAP, please see your Pathways Advisor.

Program Description

This program is designed for students wanting to complete a one-year (two-semester) certificate in Public Safety Dispatch and enter the workforce. Students will learn the unique skills required in emergency telecommunications. Students will acquire the core knowledge needed to communicate with someone until help arrives on the scene. Completing the Public Safety Dispatch (PSD) certificate provides a career path with considerable knowledge of the criminal justice system, communications, emergency management, and public safety protocols – all of which are highly relevant to working as a 911 dispatcher.

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First Semester

Course NumberTitleCredits
CRJ 110Intro to Criminal Justice: GT-SS3


PSY 101General Psychology I: GT-SS3


PSY 116Stress Management


SOC 231Sociology of Deviant Behavior: GT-SS3


COM 125Interpersonal Communication: GT-SS3


Total Credit Hours:15

Second Semester

Course NumberTitleCredits
CRJ 125Policing Systems


CRJ 280Internship


CRJ 201Emergency Dispatching


ELECTIVE PSY 249, CRJ 257, or COM 220


Total Credit Hours:12

Total Credit Hours: 27