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2017-2018 Catalog

MAT 156 Integrated Mathematics II

Furthering MAT 155 concepts, the course will include fundamentals of probability, statistics, and Euclidean geometry. Mathematical problem-solving, reasoning, critical thinking and communication will continue to be an integral part of this sequence.



Contact Hours



MAT 050, MAT 055, MAT 121, MAT 122, MAT 125, MAT 201 or MAT 202 with a grade of "C" or better or appropriate diagnostic scores


MAT 092


MAT 155 & MAT 156 are intended for Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education Students ONLY. Students who take MAT 155 & MAT 156 and who later change to a major outside Early Childhood Teacher Education & Elementary Teacher Education may not receive the guaranteed completion of lower division general education at the receiving 4-yr institution, as MAT 155 & MAT 156 are not gtPathways approved courses.