Code: F_AAS_NR1

Campus: Larimer Campus and Westminster Campus

Nursing - Associate of Applied Science Degree

This program prepares students for entry-level professional nursing practice as a registered nurse. The nursing program is a two-year curriculum. Registered nurses function in a variety of roles: provider of care and manager of care in various health care settings including acute care hospitals, long term care settings, and community settings such as clinics, home health and health maintenance organizations. As a member of this discipline of nursing, registered nurses practice within the scope of practice as outlined in the Colorado Nurse Practice Act. Many students pursue a baccalaureate or master’s degree after completion of an associate degree in nursing. Graduates of the nursing program are eligible for advanced placement into baccalaureate nursing programs through the Colorado Articulation Model. More advanced positions usually require advanced degrees. Military commissioned status after graduation has special requirements. Contact an advisor for further information.

Upon successful completion of the nursing program, the student is awarded an AAS degree in Nursing. Graduates are eligible to submit an application to complete the NCLEX® exam for licensure as a registered nurse. The Front Range Community College associate of applied science degree is approved by the Colorado Board of Nursing and accredited by the ACEN.

The program offers a PN “exit option” course at the completion of the first year. This is for students who would like to complete the requirements to be eligible to apply for the PN NCLEX®. Students completing NUR 169 and the first year of the nursing program may apply for the NCLEX® exam for practical nursing licensure.

Assessment testing is required of all students. Students who are reading at college-level and place into CCR 093 or above and MAT 050 or above may begin this program of study. Students scoring below this level should consult with a faculty member or academic advisor before registering for courses in this program of study.

Minimum Requirements for Nursing Program Application:

1. Completion of all admission pre-requisite course work.

If a student is transferring prerequisite courses from another college, the courses must be evaluated by the Office of Admissions and Records at the college the student plans to attend.

  • ENG 121 English Composition I
  • PSY 235 Human Growth and Development
  • BIO 201* Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • HPR 108 -Dietary Nutrition
  • BIO 204* Microbiology

*Must be completed within seven years prior to entry into the Nursing Program

Students must receive a grade of “C” or above and a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher on prerequisite courses listed above.

Students must have an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher for previous courses completed at FRCC.

Please review the prerequisites for MAT 103, which must be taken in the first semester of the program. Students must have satisfied the prerequisites for MAT 103 before starting the program but should not take the course until starting the nursing program.

2. Ability to sufficiently speak and understand English and to comprehend verbal communication of English speaking clients and healthcare team members.

3. Ability to meet physical and cognitive technical standards described in nursing program policies. 

 Note: To maintain a position in the program after starting nursing courses, students must be continually enrolled and complete all required courses in sequence with a grade of "C" or above. Only one re-entry to an FRCC nursing program is allowed after a student receives a "D," "F," or "W" grade in a nursing course or withdraws with a "D", "F" or "W" from a nursing course.

Upon successful completion of the nursing program, students receive an associate of applied science degree and are eligible to apply to the Board of Nursing for permission to take the NCLEX exam for licensure as a registered nurse.


Required Nursing Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits
NUR 106Medical Surgical Nursing Concepts


NUR 109Fundamentals of Nursing


NUR 112Basic Concepts of Pharmacology


NUR 150Maternal Child Nursing


NUR 206Advanced Concepts of M/S Nursing I


NUR 211Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing


NUR 212Pharmacology


NUR 216Advanced Concepts of M/S Nursing II


NUR 230Transition to Professional Nursing Practice


Total Credit Hours:42.5

Required General Education Courses

Course NumberTitleCredits
BIO 201Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab


BIO 202Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab


BIO 204Microbiology with Lab


BIO 216Pathophysiology


ENG 121English Composition I



HPR 108Dietary Nutrition



HWE 100Human Nutrition



MAT 103Math for Clinical Calculations


PSY 235Human Growth and Development


Elective: GT Arts and Humanities or Social and Behavioral Science


Total Credit Hours:29

Total Credit Hours: 71.5

Application Process for AAS Degree

Please contact a Nursing Department Representative at the campus of your choice for information on the nursing program application process prior to submitting a program application. Westminster Campus anticipates accepting applications for spring 2016 admission, however, all eligible waitlisted students will be accommodated prior to initiating the application admission process.

Applications are accepted one semester prior to admission. Larimer Campus requires the HESI A-2 nurse entrance exam with a minimum cumulative score of 75%. Subject areas are Reading Comprehension, Math, Biology and Chemistry.  Students may obtain up-to-date information on the admission process at a nursing information session. Westminster sessions are held on the second Wednesday of each month (except no meetings in July or December) at 6:00 pm in room B0353 or contact by e-mail at Larimer sessions are held the second Monday of each month at 5:00 pm in room BP126 or contact by e-mail at

1. Completion of an online background check and drug screening. See (under FRCC) for a list of criminal offenses appearing on a criminal background check that will disqualify an applicant for admission to a CCCS nursing program.

2. Students accepted into the nursing program must meet the same health and safety requirements as the participating clinical facilities require of their own staff. Additional screening may be required for some clinical agencies. The expenses of these requirements are additional costs to the student.

3. Completion of a health summary with documented immunization records.

4. Current CPR Certification - Completion of the American Heart Health Care Provider course and receive a two-year recommended renewal date. The recommended renewal date must not expire prior to completion of the semester and must remain current throughout the nursing program.